Dear Local 1 Members,

192 years ago, a process was set into action that saw the Tolpuddle Martyrs tried, convicted and deported to Australia for seven years for the ‘crime’ of forming a union. It’s a story that still speaks to people today, and for the London and District Labour Council, we’re bringing it into the everyday lives of people nearly two centuries after this pivotal period in time.

The six farmworkers who were to become the Martyrs were arrested on February 24, 1834 and taken to Dorchester where they were charged with having participated in the administration of an illegal oath.

We’re commemorating this key story in our trade union movement.

We will be remembering the events in the Martyrs’ story in the same timeframe as they unfolded, telling how six humble farm labourers ended up changing history.

On May 1st at 11am, the London and District Labour Council will honour SEIU, Branch Local 1 retiree Kevin Lomack, who demonstrates the same courage and bravery of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Everyone is invited to attend this ceremony honouring Kevin.  Click here for more information from the labour council.

In Solidarity,

Jeff Robinson


Sunday May 1st @ 11am
Peace Park
331 Thames St.
London, ON N6A 5N8