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“…For the union makes us strong!”


Occupy WSIB – Justice For Injured Workers’s Rally

Officers of SEIU Branch Local #1 attended a WSIB rally in downtown London to show their support. For more information on this cause and the rallies that take place visit the London & District Injured & Disabled Workers Group & Allies or Occupy WSIB – Justice For Injured Workers’s Facebook pages.

For more information on WSIB and why these rallies take place visit “Right now, workers’ compensation is about saving money for the employers”.

Wealth gap widens in Canada as richest see faster rise in net worth.

The wealth gap between the richest Canadian households and the country’s poorest has widened since 1999, new data released Wednesday shows, with the net worth of wealthy households comfortably outpacing gains made by lower-income households.

Statistics Canada says the average net worth of the top 20 per cent of families sorted by income group rose by an average of 80 per cent between 1999 and 2012, compared with a gain of 38 per cent among families in the bottom fifth of society.

Go green with brown beer bottles.

When you drink beer from a brown glass bottle, you’re helping the environment and supporting thousands of green, local jobs. Almost all (98%) capped brown beer bottles are recovered and reused 17 times before being crushed, melted and produced into new bottles.

Capped brown beer bottles directly supports good, green jobs. Unfortunately, these jobs are at risk due to the prevalence of canned beer.

Go to to learn how important it is to drink from Brown Bottles.