“Do something. In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance by the perpetrators, the public and worse the victims”.
A hate crime is a criminal offence against a person or property that is based on: Race, Country of origin, Ethnicity, Skin colour, Religion, Sex or gender, Age, Disability (physical or mental), Sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other similar factor.
For years, hate crimes in the city of London have been on the rise, according to data from Statistics Canada.
From 2015 to 2019, police reported hate crimes in London, Ont., rose by more than a third: There were 20 incidents in 2015, 17 in 2016,
26 in 2017 , 34 in 2018, 34 in 2019. Most hate crimes go and are underreported.
The attack Sunday on a Muslim Canadian family in London was horrific and an extreme act of terrorism.
Islamophobia is a generalized fear of Islam and Muslims. This phobia is evident in acts of mosque vandalism, hate crimes against individuals thought to be Muslim. And has become more prevalent since the 911 attack. This fear is totally unwarranted, and London isn’t immune to anti-Islamic bigotry.
Despite London being home to one of Canada’s oldest and most vibrant Muslim communities. Erected the first mosque in Ontario and the second mosque in Canada in 1964, Muslim Canadians are highly targeted with hate.
This community always gives back to the city. London’s Muslim community is in the spirit of giving during Ramadan, gathering donations for the London Food Bank, Women’s charities and such.
The country is still reeling from the Sunday attack in London Ontario that killed four members of a family, who police say were targeted because they were Muslim. We can only hope the outpouring of sadness and community support will compel people to step up and stop the hate and continue the quell the fears.
Please sign the petition below and show your support of our Muslim community.