The new Pay Equity Act requires all federally regulated employers create proactive pay equity plans. There’ll also be a Pay Equity Commissioner to make sure employers follow through.

This will impact women working in the following sectors:

  • the federal public service, the Prime Minister and ministers’ offices;
  • the federal private sector;
  • banks, marine shipping, ferry and port services;
  • transportation that crosses provincial or international borders;
  • telecommunications; and
  • certain other industries.

This is a historic moment for women in our country because it will pave the way for pay equity everywhere. We would not be here if it were not for #donewaiting activists like you. Generations of women and allies have worked tirelessly to see this through.

Equal pay for work of equal value is a fundamental human right.

Our efforts for an effective pay equity law does not end here. In the coming days, we will be sifting through the Act in detail. Stay tuned for more analysis and actions you’ll be able to take.

In the meantime, make sure you watch and share our press conference. Help spread the word about the strides we are making.

Onwards together,

Marie Clarke Walker
Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of Canada’s unions